Caroskin ™ SilWrap works³:
The Caroskin ™ SilWrap is the most important product of the Caroskin SilWrap therapy.
The Caroskin ™ SilWrap is a reusable silicone bandage with long stretch that behaves as a short stretch: the best of both worlds!

The Caroskin ™ SilWrap:

  1. activates the skin by providing a semi-occlusive environment
  2. reduces the arm due to its dual property: compression and semi-occlusion
  3. controls the circumference of the arm

Available Packs:

 Pack 1 (AD Leg or Arm)  Pack 2 (AG Leg or Thorax)  Pack 4 (Fingers)  Pack 5 (Hand)
1x silicone bandage
5m x 6cm
 1x silicone bandage
6.5m x 10cm
 5x silicone bandages
50cm x 2.5cm
 1x silicone bandage 
1.2m x 4cm