Silicone Sheets:
Unique in the world: double elastic, re-usable, made to measure silicone sheets for an optimal ease of use and comfort of the patient.

Caroskin™ silicone Sheets are offered "custom cut", so each surface can be covered optimally (= no patchwork) and can be combined with the Caroskin™ compression garments at places where especially redness persists.


  1. Made from 1 piece for the part to be treated - no patchwork!!!
  2. Exclusively available for burn/trauma centres
  3. Double elastic and UV protective - 50UPF
  4. Re-usable and washable - the more you wash, the better the adhesiveness remains!!!!
  5. Easy to use
  6. Contains no adhesive components
  7. 2 months use duration
  8. Absolute COD winner (cost of day-winner)
  9. Available: minimum size 100cm ²


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Silicones in the rehabilitation of burns: a review and overview.
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Silicone Garments: 
The Caroskin™ silicone garments are made to measure products and are mainly used to create/provide a semi-occlusive environment on large, circular areas.

The Caroskin Silicone garments can be used at best in a preventive way.

When working on existing scars, the Caroskin Silicone garments do show a significant change of mobility on existing scar that endanger the mobility of the patients area treated.

The semi-occlusive climate starts an 'moisturizing/softening process', which will make eventually immobilised surfaces more flexible.

Both Caroskin™ Silicone Garments or Silicone Sheets offer semi- occlusivity. However Silicone Garments are prefered when one large circular surfaces or large existing scars has to be treated!

The Caroskin Silicone garments can be combined worn with the Caroskin Comfort garments ONLY - notify us when you wish to do so!

In order to be able to pull on the Caroskin Silicone garments, it is a REQUIREMENT to use the right amount of waterbased glide gel to "glide on" the silicone garments.

NEVER USE OTHER PRODUCTS underneath the Caroskin™ Silicone Garments. The accompanying products are designed to optimally function and to maintain the Caroskin™ products. Use of other products shall lead to the stretching of the silicon layer, with the result that the garments will stretch.


International clinical recommendations on scar management.
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Silicones in the rehabilitation of burns: a review and overview.
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Silicone Gel:

The Caroskin™ Velvet Touch is a silicone gel that gives the skin a silky smooth touch

Caroskin™ Velvet Touch silicone gel is an especially developed transparent gel with a specific formula that forms instantly a thin layer leaving your skin feeling covered with a unique silicone layer without the sticky sensation!

Scientific studies show that there is less scarring, if the damaged part of the skin is in constant contact with silicone after wound healing.

Caroskin™ Velvet Touch is an ideal product to use on small areas on the face as well as smaller surgical incision scars, after the wound has healed.

Larger areas need a higher form of occlusion, therefore the silicone sheets are recommended.

Since Caroskin™ Velvet Touch silicone gel is not sticky, make-up can be applied immediately after.


Over Caroskin

  1. Caroskin Burn & Scar Care: een hoogkwalitatief assortiment dat uniek is voor professionals die een unieke combinatie wensen van op maat gemaakte compressiekleding, siliconenkleding en silicone sheets voor post-branwonden / traumagerelateerde patiënten.
  2. Caroskin Oedema Care: omvat een hoogkwalitatief assortiment van oedeem reducerende kledij. Bevat oa ook de Caroskin SilWrap - een uniek product dat bestaat uit verschillende versies met als belangrijkste doel de lymfepatiënt terug zijn/haar originele kous te kunnen laten dragen!



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